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This page has moved to Glossary of Printing Terms found here. Digital Marketing provides this comprehensive glossary of printing terms for reference purposes only. While we work hard to provide accurate information, Digital Marketing assumes no liability for the accuracy of the terms listed below.

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Offset: Alternate term often used for Setoff.

Offset paper: Alternate term often used for Uncoated book paper

Offset powder: Fine powder sprayed on freshly printed sheets to prevent transfer of wet ink as they accumulate in the delivery stack.

Offset printing: Method of lithographic printing that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket, then from the blanket to paper.

OK sheet: Printed sheet representing final inking adjustments approved before production run begins.

Opacity: Characteristic of paper that helps prevent printing on one side from showing on the other.

Opaque: Not transparent. Also, a verb meaning to cover flaws in negatives with paint or tape. Also, the paint used for this purpose.


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