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This page is dedicated to listing the various names and e-mail addresses being used by alleged scammers who may try to solicit pre-payment for shipment of your goods as part of the print quotation scam.

It has been compiled using the feedback from printing companies throughout Australia, USA and UK who have had contact with the alleged perpetrators.

This information is provided to assist printing companies to protect themselves from scams by being able to quickly identify suspicious e-mail addresses, and common names used in seeking quotations for fraudulent print jobs.

How the Printing Scam Works


Print Quotation Scam - Current Contact Names and E-mail Addresses being used

Air Cargo
Al Winget
Albert Don
Alfred Portman
Alfred Marley
Ali Mazenn
Andy Ken
Arthur Barrie
Ben Caplan
Benjamin Williams
Bernard White
Bill Carter
Bill Jones
Billy Moore
Bishop Bill Richardson
Bishop Carl Johnson
Bishop Jerry Jackson
Bishop Joe Daniels
Bishop Joshua 
Bishop Lawson
Bob Larson
Bob Lason 
Brian Cope
Brian Johnson
Brian Lawson
Capt. Alexander Fisher
Chip Freight Forwarders/Terry Abbot
Chris Shawnn
Chris Waga
Chris Watson
Chris White
Clifford Smith 
Continental Shipping Co. Ltd.
Curtis Jackson 
Cybershippers Shipping Co
Darrol Pratt
Dave Bills
Dave Morrison 
Dave William
David Anderson/Davida1955
David Fazzari
Dennis Siltman
Derek Mark
Don Cappochino
Don Gibson
Douglas Eugene
Dr Bradley
Dr Calleva Atrebatum
Dr Fred Williams
Dr Jeffson Mills
Dr Nick Jones
Eddie White
Eric Bruce
Eric Lamert
Express Worldwide Shipping Company
Faybodi Yankson 
Felix Johnson
Fr Ben Antony
Francis Abel
Francoise Niyibibona
Frank Annicchiarico
Frank Johnson
Frank William
Fred Hitches
Fred Thomas
Gabriel Moore
Gary Jones
George Miller
George Swieca
G-Freight International Shipping
Gilbert Well
Glen Green
Global Shipping Co
Gordon Taylor
Grace White
Henry Gate
Hermit (from China)
Henry Owen
Int. Linea Shipping Co Ltd.
Jack Lynch
Jack Morrison
James Bill
James Mallons
James Olando
James Scott
James Wilford
Jay Martins
JCE Internatial Shipping
Jeff Johnson 
Jeff Smith
Jeff Stone
Jeffery Lloyd
Jeffrey Terry
Jerry Alaniz
Jessey Morren 
Jim Cawvey
Jim Clarkson
Jim Larry
John Costin
John Dickerson
John Hamm
John Larry
John Patrick
John Tim
John Truett
Jones Lancelot
Johnson Brown
John Oluseyi Bookstore Stores Inc.
Joseph Dee
Kelvin Chris
Ken Banks
Ken Williams
Kevin Bravo
Kevin Lee Star Contractors Inc. (China)
Kevin Norman
Kevin Tom
Kom Walker 
Kosby Williams
Lanceleve Monroe
Lance Li
Larry Corsar
Larry King
Lionel Robbs
Lord Brown
Louis Anderson
Lukas Gilbert
Lyle Letawsky
Mack Johnson
Madam Rose Becerra
Maike John Marcos Alan
Marine Shipping / John Company Inc
Mark Anderson
Mark Bruce
Mark Cosby
Mark James
Mark Smith / Mark Anthony Bell
Mark Thomas
Mark Vam
Martin Wood / Account Depts Lepper Jades
Maryet Smith
Mary Jay
Mathew Eric
Matthew Banson
McGani Shipping Company
MC Honest Shipping (Captain McCoy)
Michael Douglas
Michael Jones
Michael Stewart 
Michael Dusken
Mike Graham
Mike Kelvin
Mike Larry
Mikel Green
Miss Mary
Morrison Awal
Mountain Camel Shipping
Mr Baron Davis
Mr Ben Larrieson
Mr Brown Wilfred
Mr Bryan Moore
Mr David Webb
Mr Gary Woods
Mr Henry Davis
Mr Jason Willis
Mr John Hung
Mr John Sizemore
Mr Johnseebile
Mr John Watkins
Mr Mark James
Mr Oswald Dawson
Mr Raymond WIlliams
Mr Rick Barry
Mr Robert Mubarak
Mr Roland Walter
Mr Steve Bruce
Mrs Larie Gale
Nick White
Ocean Drive Shipping Company
Oceania Freights Care Co.
Onlimited International Shipping Co
Ox Direct Shipping Company
Pastor Chris
Pastor Kevin
Pastor Lyle Letawsky
Pastor Mark Thomas
Paul Brown
Paul Jones / Prestige Global Logistics
Paul Mark
Pastor Mike
Penni Baker Perri Jones
Peter Graham
Prince Jackson Randy B. Brisbane
Randall Williams
Ray Martins
Raymond Giles Raymond Kelly
Raymond Markley
Rev Abel Frank
Rev Alex Wilson 
Rev Alfred Polo
Rev Alfred
Rev Bill
Rev Brain Bones
Rev Buzu 
Rev Daniel Larry 
Rev David Moore
Rev Dawn
Rev Derek Mark Rev.Don Markitor
Rev Donald Steven
Rev Evenduel T Johnson
Rev Evenduel Thomas 
Rev Fayboid Yankson
Rev Francis Cooper
Rev George (Duff)
Rev George Duff
Rev Goodrich
Rev Graham Abobiga
Rev James Hopper
Rev James John
Rev James Larry
Rev James Rawat
Rev Jeff Anderson
Rev Jeff Kennedy
Rev Jeff Wonder
Rev Jim Jones
Rev John Brown Rev John Wicker
Rev John Gaffer
Rev John Larry
Rev John Lloyd
Rev John Pulley
Rev Johnson
Rev Justin Mark
Rev Kevin Bossman
Rev Larry Clark
Rev Mac
Rev Mac Willson
Rev Maclord Johnson 
Rev Mark Rusty
Rev Mark Thomas 
Rev Mark White
Rev Mike
Rev Mike Johnson
Rev Peter Marriot 
Rev Poinski
Rev Richard (brown)
Rev Richmond Merrill
Rev Robert Garcia
Rev Roland
Rev Roland Moore
Rev Steve Holloway
Rev Steven Pennant
Rev Thomas
Rev William Walker
Revren Asmon
Reverend Derek Mark
Rev Timothy McKinley
Rick Miller
Richard Davids
Richard Larry
Richard Webb
Richmond Franklin
Robert Green
Roger Williams
Roland Weliam
Rose Bacerra
Roy Jarvis
Sam Allan
Sam Johnson
Samuel Harrison
Scott Beard
Scott Bradley
Scott Johnson
Scott Smith
Scott Walter
Sea Way Shipping Company
SGS Worldwide Inc.
Shantel Bert 
Steve Baker
Steve Johnson
Steve Tom
Terry Tomson
Timeless Shipping Company
Tim Weliam
Tony Way
Tom Wu
Walker Yankson
Walter Dantas
Wayne Johnson
William Johnson
Williams Dony
William Morrison
W. Smith


This information is compiled from recorded exchanges between printing company representatives and individuals purporting to seek print quotations from these companies.

It is not intended to reflect on any individual or entity who may share a similar form of identification legitimately.

Reproduced with permission from the Printing Industries Association of Australia

Copyrights are retained by the associated organization.

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