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Apple 1984 Macintosh Commercial

Simply one of the best commercials ever made. This ad launched not only a revolution in computing, but also in the very foundation of advertising. Even today this commercial is referred to in school text books and shown to Marketing/Advertising students in most colleges and universities.
View the entire commercial below.


Glossary / Mechanical Specifications

1. Envelope Sizes - Different Envelope Sizes

2. Glossary of Design Terms - Common Design Industry Terms

3. Glossary of Printing Terms - Common Printing Industry Terms

4. Paper Weights And Conversions - Common Paper Weights and Conversions

Miscellaneous Articles of General Interest

1. Paper Making Process - The Wisconsin Paper Council

2. Different Printing Processes - This article illustrates different printing processes.

3. Steve Jobs Addresses Stanford University Graduates - This address has nothing to do with the resources listed above, however, it is a very inspiring speech from someone who was a titan in the creative design industry with Apple Computers, NeXT Computer, Inc., NeXT Software, Inc. and Pixar Animation to his credit.

Google Web Ranking Information
1. Google Webmaster Guidelines
2. How often does Google crawl the web?
3. Report spam, paid links, malware, and other problems to Google

Marketing Agencies In Florida
1. Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Florida
2. Graphic Design Agencies In Florida 

Acrobat Reader
You can go here to get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader reader.

Ever Wonder About All Of Those Strange Industry Terms? Check Out Our Glossary

Camera-ready copy: Final publication material that is ready to be made into a negative for a printing plate. May be a computer file or actual print and images on a board.


Halfton: In traditional publishing, a continuous-tone image photographed through a screen in order to create small dots of varying sizes that can be reproduced on a printing press. Digital halftones are produced by sampling a continuous-tone image and assigning different numbers of dots, which simulate different sized dots, for the same effect.


Offset Printing: For high-volume reproduction - utilizes three rotating drums: a plate cylinder, a blanket cylinder, and an impression cylinder. The printing plate is wrapped around the plate cylinder, inked and dampened. The plate image is transferred, or offset, onto the blanket cylinder. Paper passes between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder, and the image is transferred onto the paper.


Resolution: The crispness of detail or fineness of grain in an image. Screen resolution is measured in dots by lines (for example, 640 x 350); printer resolution is measured in dpi (for example, 300 dpi).


Please check out our glossary of design and printing terms to the left for many more.

Imminent Threat Book

Digital Marketing is proud to release Imminent Threat! This book, produced and published by Digital Marketing Services, Inc., is a 316 page thriller based on the CIA and a secret black weapons project. It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes, as well as other fine retail outlets. Paperback and eBook formats available.

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