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Imminent Threat book is an international espionage story based on the Central Intelligence Agency; corrupt US Government officials, the Russian Kremlin and the Russian Red Mafia.

The story has been written with a high fact to fiction ratio, blurring the lines of reality for the reader, as fiction becomes fact! The story explores the development of a top-secret weapons project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA) under the CIA's Directorate for Science and Technology.

This new technology however proves too tempting for some, and the espionage that follows reaches the highest levels of Federal Government. Our characters are unwillingly drawn into the tangled web of deceit and intrigue, as a life and death chase begins, climaxing on a remote frozen Alaskan island, as international tensions mount between superpowers…

Imminent Threat Gets a "Very Good" Rating From BookReview

"In the opening pages of "Imminent Threat," Corey Spann's new action/thriller, we are introduced to geophysicist Daniel Bowman as he is helping to launch a huge oil rig off the coast of Newfoundland. Daniel has been monitoring reports of world wide earthquakes. This seismic activity appears to be spiking in the Arctic and radiating outward in systematic intervals. His growing concern about these phenomena is quickly overshadowed, however, by an incoming call informing him that he is about to be transported immediately to a navy cruiser, and then to the mainland ASAP. Langley wants Daniel Bowman.

So begins this tale of sea-to-stormy-sea international intrigue, much of it requiring helicopter rides straight from hell. Mitch Hughes -- an old friend of Daniel's father and the current director of the CIA -- is drafting Daniel to be his personal "eyes and ears" on a DARPA funded project called Deep Sky, currently in progress on an island off the Alaskan coast. There is, of course, no saying "no." The skeptical young scientist is provided with protection (Officer Erica Morillo) and transportation (a silver Mercedes SL500). The Mercedes has several bullet holes in it before the first evening is out; Officer Morillo manages to catch a few as well in the course of the truly non-stop action.

Not surprisingly, Spann is adapting "Imminent Threat" to a screenplay. The story's strengths -- the attractive young protagonists; the constant fleeing from danger; the certainty of betrayal; the uncertainty of the identity of the traitor; the secret scientific project; the beautiful locales (from the gentle harmony of the Florida Keys to the wild cacophony of Arctic seas) -- should make for a satisfying movie experience. "Imminent Threat" has both the pace and plausibility one looks for in genre thrillers, plus an added hook -- there is a sequel coming. rates this book "Very Good" and looks forward to Daniel Bowman's next adventure. Obviously, there are no slow days in the life of a geophysicist."

19th Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards

"Corey Spann's Imminent Threat is part of a long tradition of political spy thrillers, from John Ie Carre up through Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler. For the most part, Spann takes his place with them quite well, crafting a plot, which is suspenseful and swiftly paced - two of the real hallmarks of the genre and which are often in other books not achieved.

Spann populates his book with interesting characters, and his plot is not so laden with jargon that someone like me can follow and understand, which is much appreciated and also broadens the audience considerably."


Imminent Threat is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes, as well as other fine retail outlets.

Paperback and eBook formats available.

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Digital Marketing Services brings quality books, screenplays and entertainment to the public including Imminent Threat book.

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Imminent Threat Book

Digital Marketing is proud to release Imminent Threat! This book, produced and published by Digital Marketing Services, Inc., is a 316 page thriller based on the CIA and a secret black weapons project. It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes, as well as other fine retail outlets. Paperback and eBook formats available.

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