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Mission Statement

To deliver superior quality design and printed products at competitive pricing that exceed client expectations, while fostering long-term corporate relationships based on a shared vision of trust and respect.

A Commitment To Our Customers

Digital Marketing Services holds to a belief that a fundamental component of every product is the integrity of its maker. We operate with effective governance and high standards of ethical behavior.

We take the commitment to our industry seriously, continually striving to offer information and services that not only help our customers, but also better the industry as a whole. This is a belief and expectation that extends to our partners and suppliers.

President - Corey Spann

Corey Spann founded Digital Marketing Services in 2001 after working in the printing and design industry for more than a decade. Prior to Digital Marketing, 

He has worked for companies in the Tooling, Aerospace and Construction industries while further developing his marketing and printing knowledge. This included time spent working for a UK based publisher, while serving as an editor for a nationally published magazine. 

Further, Corey has completed DoD Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Training to help secure our nations supply chain.

Corey’s interests expand beyond commercial printing however, releasing, Imminent Threat in 2011, an original international espionage novel.

Digital Capabilities

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  • Digital Marketing has the flexibility to handle many different types of projects that range from, printing, graphic design, consultancy, and branding, as well as a full range of additional services to help your business succeed.

  • Whether you are looking for new marketing
    collateral, or printed products, Digital can provide flexible solutions in a wide range of areas.

  • With a business philosophy that respects our clients opinion, a teamwork approach, and a vision to see the possibilities, let Digital Marketing Services partner with you on your next printing project or marketing campaign, and begin to set your company apart from the competition!



Imminent Threat Book

Digital Marketing is proud to release Imminent Threat! This book, produced and published by Digital Marketing Services, Inc., is a 316 page thriller based on the CIA and a secret black weapons project. It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes, as well as other fine retail outlets. Paperback and eBook formats available.

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